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Everybody’s Talking (and Everything!)

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) calls it cognition—when things communicate with each other. Others just say that things are getting “smarter”. The automobile of today is a perfect example. Lights that go off after the car is turned off and the smart key has been removed a certain distance or […]

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The On Demand Consumer

Seldom does a technology stand-alone without creative individuals tweaking it to address a new consumer demand, often one that consumers didn’t know they wanted! The Internet is the best example—a communication tool for the military has morphed into a platform that has seen an explosion in social networking—everything from finding a new or used […]

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The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Coming!

But wait! They are already here and in record numbers. Robots are transforming everything from manufacturing to how we entertain. According to the International Federation of Robotics industrial robot sales has been growing annually for the last several years at over 17% while personal service robots have exceed annual growth sales of […]

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Come of Age

Want to travel to an alien world? See what it is like to walk next to a T. Rex? For more than

twenty years the idea that virtual worlds and ideas could be created and viewed by individuals has

fueled imaginations. Yet the reality has been that the optics and computer capacity (and […]

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