Speech Topics 2019

The Technological Speedtrain has Departed—Get a Seat or Get Left Behind!

More new data is created every day than existed in the entire world less than 50 years ago—it took the telephone almost 50 years to reach 50 percent of the population—smart phones reached 50% in 4 years!  Computer capacity and speed is approaching infinity and changing everything from agriculture to art creating new jobs and businesses in record numbers in robotics, telemedicine, digital finance, digital commerce, augmented reality and human experiences.  The next decade will be the most disruptive in history but at the same time creating the most opportunities humans have ever seen.  All Aboard!

This presentation looks at unbelievable technologies: droid service robots, computers that can look at your face and tell if you have a disease, virtual vacations, computer printed homes and food as well as droid doctors, nurses and professors.  Yet it also brings to focus how to adapt and be part of the change in a positive, productive way.

The New Normal:  Economics for a Changed World

Millennial’s just bumped Baby Boomers out of the top spot in the labor market and China is moving from a production-exporting economy to a consumer economy all during a period where one third of the world’s population will have more spouses than children and companion animals in one half of the world’s countries enjoy a higher standard of living than humans do in the other half. Think it’s the same world you grew up in ruled by the same economic incentives? The New Normal is a world where robots do most physical labor and human experiences drive economic activity and education is 24/7 and degreeless—and it’s here now–Today is Tomorrow!

Seeing Around the Corner: The Mega Trend that Changes Everything

As computer capacity and speed approach infinity, every element of society and business change in ways that could never have been imagined just five years ago.  Droids replace almost all human activities from driving to teaching and additive manufacturing changes everything from cooking to vaccine development.  World affluence and cyber connected consumers give rise to the age of artisans as employment, entertainment and education are transformed continuously.  Boundless prosperity awaits those that can see and embrace these new possibilities. With provocative knowledge and lots of humor, this Keynote presentation will bring your audience information to gain a competetive advantage in todays ….mad, mad world.

The Rise of Total Health: The Coming Changes That Will Forever Alter Healthcare

Two major personal healthcare trends and three business/technical advances are now coalescing in ways never dreamed possible just a decade ago but the results are astounding and providing everyone the opportunity to live longer and healthier than anyone ever has in history and all the while healthcare becomes America’s biggest and most important industry. The tools and technologies to accomplish this world are here today and once it is in place, we will all wonder why it didn’t happen sooner!

Agriculture—America’s Greatest Economic Engine

One in five Americans are employed in the production, processing and distribution of agriculture’s bounty all the while providing the country with its most consistent balance of trade surplus since 1959.  Agriculture dominates the rapidly growing renewable energy world as well as ecology, wildlife and natural resource management. OneHealth, nutrition and recreation markets are exploding as Americans have more leisure time than ever before with agriculture driving the changes.   Agriculture is America’s broadest and most stimulating industry as it leads in the adoption of robotics, 3-D manufacturing, cell-less biology, digital genetics and environmental health clinics—truly not only America’s greatest economic engine but its most exciting!

**This presentation is part motivational about what agriculture has and is doing for not only the U.S. economy but the world.  It is futuristic in looking at the rapidly changing world of robotics and the impacts on transportation, production and retail service.  A look also at drone technology and how it is changing wildlife and natural resource management and how small nano bots are providing organic farmers with new tools for pest management.  OneHealth—the idea that humans cannot be separated from plants and animals—is growing as well as environmental health clinics merging human health with agriculture in ways never dreamed of before.  Cell-less biology provides new ways to culture and grow food and chemicals as well as digital genetics creating new ways to control diseases as well as providing new production efficiencies for plants and animals.

Blueprint for an Eden

Urban communities will have components of rural—green, ecological and food producing and rural will be virtually connected. Policing, transit, healthcare, education and entertainment are ubiquitous. They are self-contained energy producers and refuse recyclers and are totally lifestyle focused. The labor force is neither blue nor white collar. The 21st Century will be the first in 60 centuries of human history where humans will be begin to reach their full potential and communities, whether or not they are urban or rural, will be at the heart of this revolution.