Speech Topics 2017

Seeing Around the Corner: The Mega Trend that Changes Everything

As computer capacity and speed approach infinity, every element of society and business change in ways that could never have been imagined just five years ago.  Droids replace almost all human activities from driving to teaching and additive manufacturing changes everything from cooking to vaccine development.  World affluence and cyber connected consumers give rise to the age of artisans as employment, entertainment and education are transformed continuously.  Boundless prosperity awaits those that can see and embrace these new possibilities. With provocative knowledge and lots of humor, this Keynote presentation will bring your audience information to gain a competetive advantage in todays ….mad, mad world.

Big, Bold and Getting Bigger: How the U.S. Economy Still Drives the World

Almost 50 years ago the U.S. economy was approximately one fourth of the world’s output and today it is still approximately one fourth—world population has doubled during that time and their economic wellbeing has increased tenfold—all with U.S. based technologies—computer chips, molecular genetics, GPS and the Internet.  Yet the next twenty years will see changes that are more rapid and more wealth created than at any time in history as four new forces change the face of everything.  With an increasing wealth base and the innovation/technology culture that is the envy of the world, the outlook for America has never been stronger as it drives these four new trends.

The Rise of Total Health: The Coming Changes That Will Forever Alter Healthcare

Two major personal healthcare trends and three business/technical advances are now coalescing in ways never dreamed possible just a decade ago but the results are astounding and providing everyone the opportunity to live longer and healthier than anyone ever has in history and all the while healthcare becomes America’s biggest and most important industry. The tools and technologies to accomplish this world are here today and once it is in place, we will all wonder why it didn’t happen sooner!

Best Time Ever To Be In Agriculture

The Five Trends That Will Make It Even Better! – Never in human history have so many people been fed so well with such an array of food products that it defies the imagination.  Agriculture now provides enough food to feed almost 9 billion people and over 20,000 new food products are introduced each year!  But get ready, because exceptional breakthroughs in material science, artificial intelligence and molecular genetics are pushing the frontiers of agriculture in profound new ways.  Five major trends are emerging out of these major forces that are forging a new agriculture that not only feeds the world but improves the environment, healthcare and people’s lives.  It truly is the best time ever to be in agriculture!

Blueprint for an Eden

Urban communities will have components of rural—green, ecological and food producing and rural will be virtually connected. Policing, transit, healthcare, education and entertainment are ubiquitous. They are self-contained energy producers and refuse recyclers and are totally lifestyle focused. The labor force is neither blue nor white collar. The 21st Century will be the first in 60 centuries of human history where humans will be begin to reach their full potential and communities, whether or not they are urban or rural, will be at the heart of this revolution.