More new data is created every day than existed in the entire world less than 50 years ago—it took the telephone almost 50 years to reach 50 percent of the population—smart phones reached 50% in 4 years!  Computer capacity and speed is approaching infinity and changing everything from agriculture to art creating new jobs and businesses in record numbers in robotics, telemedicine, digital finance, digital commerce, augmented reality and human experiences.  The next decade will be the most disruptive in history but at the same time creating the most opportunities humans have ever seen.  All Aboard!

This presentation looks at unbelievable technologies: droid service robots, computers that can look at your face and tell if you have a disease, virtual vacations, computer printed homes and food as well as droid doctors, nurses and professors.  Yet it also brings to focus how to adapt and be part of the change in a positive, productive way.